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Stand up for yourself

Many a times we hold ourselves back from expressing our thoughts, opinions, needs and feelings, mostly to save a relationship. The pent up emotions take a toll on our mental and physical health and also lead to a strained relationship. It is important to stand up for ourselves at the right time to avoid people taking us for granted . Here are best five ways to be assertive.

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Woman Liberation- Boon or Bane

The term “Woman liberation” has been twisted and turned over the years and lost it’s true meaning. It is high time we start viewing it in the right perspective or else this boon might soon become a bane.

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Self Discipline | 6 Important Points One Must Know About Self Discipline

Self Discipline | 6 Important Points One Must Know About Self Discipline

Self discipline as I call it, is a way of life. For me, it is not just obeying the laws or following a particular code of conduct, it is a part of your personality, it portrays you as a person. For many, when we talk about self-discipline the army, navy or air force is flashed in their minds. Why should self-discipline be restricted to the defense or similar services only, we civilians need it equally. I wonder how people go about their lives in a random disorderly manner and then regret that in spite of all the talent and skill, they could hardly achieve any significant milestone.

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Sincerity | 5 Best Ways on How To Be Sincere | Dr Anu Motivation

Sincerity | 5 Best Ways on How To Be Sincere

Sincerity is one of the most valued traits for attaining success in different aspects of life. For me, it is a blend of seriousness towards the task, devotion to duty and honesty. It is not only essential for materialistic goal achievements but also for relationships, deeper emotional and spiritual aspects too. Taking only materialistic accomplishments of different kinds into consideration, for the time being, we all would agree that nothing worthwhile can be achieved without sincerity. A few months back the news about a youngster from Nagpur captured my attention. I was thoroughly impressed by Rahul Bajaj who is practically blind since birth but that disability did not stop him from bagging thirteen gold medals and the prestigious Rhodes scholarship. At 23, Rahul is India’s first disabled student to win the “Rhodes scholarship”  which enables him to pursue a bachelor of civil law and MPhil from the esteemed Oxford University. I can imagine how sincere this person might be. Even though we are overloaded with such examples via print and digital media every now and then, why is it that we cannot inculcate that trait? Let us at least give it a try.

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The Fear Factor | Best 8 Ways To Overcome Your Fear | Dr Anu Motivation

The Fear Factor | Best 8 Ways To Overcome Your Fear

“What is your fear factor?” is a question which gets a blunt denial. Most of us are lying not only to the person who has put up this question but also to ourselves which again is dangerous, more for ourselves than to the concerned person. If we talk about fears, I feel it is the lack of faith either in the Almighty or in ourselves which allows fear to grip over our lives. Depending on one’s psychology, experiences and exposures there are a number of phobias which rule over our lives. Acrophobia- phobia of high places, claustrophobia- fear of closed places, aquaphobia – fear of water, hematophobia- fear of blood are just a few examples. Overcoming fear is not as simple as it seems to be, but if we don’t try it will never happen. Different types of fear need to be treated in different ways. We cannot apply the same tips to overcome any kind of fear. If you give a serious thought, you yourself will come to know which tip is best suited for you. Let us start working towards it and I am sure we will get the desired results.

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